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Eyelash Extension FAQs



Does it hurt?

No it is extremely relaxing and pain free! Most client fall asleep while getting they’re lashes done.


How long does it take? 

Depending on the amount of lashes applied. Generally up to an hour and a half for a full set.


When Will I need an infill? 

Usually between 2-3weeks.


How long do they last? 

Depending on the amount of lashes applied and your life style, it usually lasts up to 3-6weeks.


Does it damage my natural lashes? 

No, the eyelash extensions loose there hold after a few weeks and they fall out naturally. As eyelash technicians, we have been taught with the correct skills and knowledge needed to ensure the eyelash extensions will not damage the client’s lashes, but it is good to rest your lashes from eyelash extensions every few months if you continue.


Can I wear mascara?

It is recommended  not to wear normal mascara as it clumps the lashes and degrades the glue, this makes the lashes fall off quicker than usual. I currently sell an oil free mascara especially made for eyelash extensions, it is a very mild mascara so you can use it on top of your eyelash extension.


Can I have the eyelash extension removed? 

Yes, I use plant based glue remover used specifically for the removal of eyelash extensions.


Can I get them wet?

Yes, you can after the first 24hours of application. This ensures that the glue has set and will last the total amount stated, I would recommend having a shower and washing your hair before your appointment.


Why does my eyelashes last longer on one eye then the other? 

This can be caused by the clients sleeping position. The more movement to the lashes the more they are going to move out of place or come off. Always be gentle working around the eyelashes not directly over them.


How do I take my makeup off?

I recommend using an oil free makeup remover or just water. Work around the eye area not being rough on the eyelash extensions.